ENDERUN SCHOOL INSTRUCTIONS: Instructions Special For Enderun-u Humayun Mekteb-i Aliye


The Enderun School’s instruction prepared in 1901 and sealed by the Hazine-i Humayun Kethuda contains important details regarding the functioning of the school. In our study, the sections on the functioning of the school consisting of fifty five instructions and the sections with the curriculum of the school are discussed.  The instruction begins with the title Instructions special for Enderun-u Humayun Mekteb-i Aliye. In this section, it consists of who the school officials are and their duties, the official notebooks and records to be used in the school and the items for what purpose they will be used. In the eleven instructions that follow, there is a detailed explanation about the rules that teachers should follow within the section of duties of teachers. The following sixteen articles describe the VEZAİFİ of ŞAKİRDAN, and the rules that students must follow in boarding life, both inside and outside the school. In the next ten-item AWARDS section, there are regulations regarding which positive behaviors of students will be rewarded, the effect of rewards on the forgiveness of punishments, the contribution of the rewards to the course achievements. The four-item PUNISHMENTS section describes and classifies the punishments that students may receive as a result of their negative behavior. The dominance of the awards is remarkable if a comparison is made between the award and penalties. The spiral rules structure that affects each other and works in favor of the student, is an interesting educational experience. EXAMS department explicitly states the measurement and evaluation system of the school, exam system, scoring, passing the course, passing the class and graduation with ten items. The weekly course schedules programmed for seven years show which lessons are taught for how many hours a week, which books are taught in which lessons, which lessons are taught by which teachers